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bed-1078919_640At A Green Way Home Cleaning, we believe everyone should do their part to help protect the environment. We offer a great, eco friendly make ready cleaning in Lenexa to anyone with units within an apartment or condo complex who would like to welcome their new tenants home to a spotlessly clean new space! This eco friendly make ready cleaning in Lenexa is a convenient, great service that our clients absolutely love. We have no long-term contracts to be locked in to and our professional cleaners are fully insured for worker’s compensation and liability and you can be sure to let the new tenants know that their unit has been meticulously cleaned by hand with the best eco friendly make ready cleaning in Lenexa.

Our detail-oriented cleaners come into the unit, or units, and hand scrub and polish every surface, including floors, counters, moldings, and ceiling fans while also cleaning the inside of drawers, cabinets, and appliances to ensure that all traces of the unit’s former owners are erased. We also utilize only 100% non-toxic, allergen free, and biodegradable products and materials as part of our eco friendly make ready cleaning in Lenexa to ensure that your new tenants and their pets will never be exposed to harmful chemicals or allergens that standard household cleaning products typically leave behind.

It does not matter if you have one unit, forty units, or four hundred units, the A Green Way Cleaning team can handle it all! We are also available to clean other areas of the complex, including the office, lobby, gym, break room, and much more to ensure that your apartment or condo complex is welcoming and in pristine condition. To see some of our client testimonials for yourself, please click here. To schedule your on location quote for A Green Way’s eco friendly make ready cleaning in Lenexa, please click here. We can’t wait to work with you!