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bio-42609_640If you’re searching for professional, eco-friendly housekeeping in Leawood or anywhere in the Kansas City area, call A Green Way Home Cleaning today! Our trustworthy staff meticulously hand-clean your entire house from top to bottom with the best non-toxic cleaning products on the market.

Here’s some benefits to A Green Way’s eco-friendly housekeeping:

  • The toxins in standard cleaning products have been proven to make you sicker, not healthier! These chemicals have been linked to increased rates of breast cancer and reproductive problems in both men and women and to behavior issues in children. Our cleaning products are 100% non-toxic
  • Only about 30% of the 17,000 chemicals that appear in common household products have been sufficiently tested for negative health effects. The FDA also does not require ingredients to be listed on cleaning products, so you may never know what you are contaminating your home with. With our non-toxic products, you know what you’re getting.
  •  Opting for eco-friendly cleaning products and methods helps reduce air and water pollution. In an extra attempt to be eco-friendly, all our products are completely biodegradable.
  • The air quality of your home will also noticeably improve. Our products do not have a harsh chemical smell, nor do they contain the toxins found in standard cleaning products that have been shown to increase chances of developing asthma, especially in young children.
  • Common cleaning products can speed up deterioration of your furniture, counter surfaces, and floors. Ensure that your items remain beautiful and long lasting with eco-friendly cleaning products.

A Green Way offers a variety of cleaning types and services. We perform deep home cleanings on a one-time or recurring basis that keeps your home significantly cleaner for a longer period of time. We also do move-in/move-out deep cleanings, event cleanings, and health cleanings and we bring all supplies and materials we need.

To view our client testimonials, click here. To get started on your eco-friendly housekeeping in Leawood, schedule a free, on-location quote here. We look forward to making your home happier and healthier!