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Schedule a party cleaning in Leawood, KS with A Green Way Home today! We specialize in deep cleaning to better clean your home.

You signed up to host activities and your family on the Fourth of July. That means in-laws, extended family, and kids will be running around your house. As the days get closer and closer to Independence Day, the list of tasks keeps growing. Knock one task off of your list today! Schedule a detailed party cleaning in Leawood, KS! A Green Way Home is dedicated to deep cleaning your home to ensure an intensive pre-party cleaning.

What’s involved in party cleaning in Leawood, KS?

The Green Way team has an 11 point cleaning system to ensure we leave your house sparklingwine-791133_640. Our team is meticulous and thorough in cleaning the following areas:

  • The baseboard, crown molding, doors, and trim are scrubbed by hand to remove all traces of dust and grime.
  • The blinds and/or window coverings are cleaned individually on both sides.
  • Window sills, locks, and window trim are are detailed.
  • After the floors, windows and walls are polished, furniture is next. A Green Way Home uses organically treated HEPA micro filter vacuum machines to remove the animal hair from your favorite furniture pieces.
  • We suggest adding cleaning the interiors of kitchen cabinets to the list. It is easy for dust and crumbs to hide in drawers and cabinets.
  • Shower doors, grout and tile are scrubbed in detail to scare soap scum away!
  • Every light fixture and other items are dusted by hand.

By using eco-friendly cleaning agents, A Green Way Home ensures a safe detailed party cleaning in Leawood, KS. Another great secret our Green Way team uses is not to utilize mops or brooms. These “cleaning tools” just push the dirt around. We want to eliminate the dirt and dust, not just move it from one place to another. That’s why we clean your tile, laminate, and wood floors by hand. After your Fourth of July festivities, give us a call to clean up after your family. Click here to schedule your party cleaning in Leawood, KS!