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If you have been running around the past couple of weeks and have found that you are too busy to give your home the spotless clean it deserves, then it is time to call A Green Way Home Cleaning a call to schedule your detailed Kansas City maid services. The Green Way team is dedicated to proving that we are the superior maid service. We place our customers first, and we are proud to offer the area eco-friendly cleaning alternatives.

A Green Way Home Cleaning: the healthier and detailed Kansas City maid services to out our competition.

detailed Kansas City maid servicesWhen you schedule detailed Kansas City maid services from the cleaning professionals at A Green Way, you will immediately notice a difference. The first difference is that we provide our customers with a deep clean. Most of the other companies will provide a “surface clean”. A surface clean is whenever they will tidy up and clean the surfaces of your home. This is ideal for families that like deep cleaning their home or families that need helping picking up after their kids. Here at A Green Way, we specialize in deep home cleanings. We work for you to fully eliminate dirt and dust from your home.

Elimianting dirt and dust takes time. Unlike other companies, we clean with good ol’ fashioned elbow grease. We have found that brooms and mops simply move dirt and dust around. The best way to eliminate dirt and dust is to wipe them away! When we arrive for your detailed Kansas City maid services, we will bring all the necessary equipment we will need. To get started on your free quote, click here and tell us a little bit more about what you need.