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Planning a big event? Make sure the night goes according to plan by starting out on the right foot with a scheduled Kansas City event cleaning from A Green Way!

Whether you are planning a big gala at a giant venue in the heart of the city or a small wedding on the outskirts of KC, scheduling a Kansas City event cleaning from the cleaning professionals at A Green Way will help the event appear effortless for your guests. Many companies host galas to support their favorite charity and on your business’ night to shine, your guests should not be focused on the dust bunny lurking in the corner of the room.

Keep dirt and dust off the guest list with a Kansas City event cleaning from the cleaning professionals at A Green Way Home Cleaning.

Kansas City Event CleaningAlthough we are a “home” cleaning company, we also service company’s office spaces and events. Many of our customers require our services before and after the black tie event. In addition to black tie events, we love cleaning for your wedding. Wedding are magical and you can trust in our talented team to get your venue ready for decorations.

When you schedule our services, you are scheduling a team of talented and dedicated cleaners. During your Kansas City event cleaning, we will start at the top of the room and work our way to the bottom. By starting with the ceiling and working our way down, we are able to let the dust and dirt fall naturally to the ground. It wouldn’t make sense to clean the floor and finish with the ceiling! That would leave all the dirt and dust from the ceiling caked on the newly polished floor. If you are ready to have the event of your life run smoothly, give us a call today to schedule your free quote. We are happy to reach out to you after you introduce yourself and tell us a little about how we can help you the most!