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Looking for a home cleaning that includes all surfaces and every nook and cranny? A Green Way Home Cleaning specializes in detailed house cleaning in Kansas City.

home-663224_640Kansas City homeowners have many options when it comes to home cleaning in Kansas City. There are plenty of maid services that would be happy to come to your home once a week, or once every two weeks to do a light surface cleaning of your shelves, counters, sinks, toilets, and flooring. But is this really what you want to pay someone for? Most homeowners don’t mind wiping down counters or running a vacuum every few days. It’s the deep cleaning that takes the most time and energy. Scrubbing every surface and cleaning small details by hand can be backbreaking work and can easily take most homeowners multiple weekends to complete.

For detailed house cleaning in Kansas City, bring in the professionals. Let the meticulous staff at A Green Way Home provide a thorough, complete deep clean so that your home is perfectly, and expertly cleaned. Our team starts at the top, cleaning ceilings, lighting fixtures, ceiling fans, vents, and crown molding. We then move on to shelving, cleaning each shelf and each object on the shelf by hand. We clean picture frames, window sills, the tops and doors of windows, chair rails, and the front and back of individual window blinds. We then clean upholstered, leather, and wood furniture, accent tables, coffee tables, lamps, light bulbs, and mantles. The carpets are thoroughly vacuumed and wood, tile, and linoleum floors are cleaned by hand.

For some home owners, a detailed house cleaning in Kansas City from A Green Way Home Cleaning is enough to give them a fresh start and helps them to maintain a clean home. For many Kansas Citians, a monthly or bi-monthly recurring deep cleaning offers additional benefits, ensuring that their homes are always looking their very best.

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