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Experience a cleaner home with detailed eco-friendly home cleaning in Kansas City! A Green Way will leave your home gleaming with pride.

A Green Way Home is dedicated to providing excellent customer service and outstanding home cleaning in Kansas City. Why is a deep home cleaning in Kansas City better than a regular cleaning? Do you know the difference between a maid service and A Green Way Home service? Become informed before you spend your hard earned money on a service that leaves your house spotty with dirt and grime.

What is the importance of a detailed home cleaning in Kansas City? living-room-1048191_640

A detailed home cleaning in Kansas City is vital to a longer lasting clean. By deep cleaning your home, The Green Way team’s services are usually only needed once a month! We use an 11-point inspection to clean your rooms top to bottom. We start with the ceiling and move our way to the floor. Our team cleans every piece of your home by hand! Our elbow grease leaves your home spotless. We are passionate about detail!

Is A Green Way Home a traditional maid service?

No! We provide similar services that other companies do, but we are so much more than a maid service! We are the only deep home cleaning in Kansas City! The Green Way team does not use brooms, dusting wands, or mops. We believe in permanently removing the dirt, grim, and dust from your home. Brooms just push the dirt along on your floor while dusting wands spread dust into the air. These utensils seem pointless to us! We use microfiber cloths, eco-friendly cleaning agents, and organically treated HEPA micro filter machines.

Learn why A Green Way Home is the best home cleaning in Kansas City! Don’t just take our word for it! Join in on the chatter by checking out our testimonials. Click here to read why the best home cleaning in Kansas City glistens with excellent customer service!