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This holiday season, host the holidays right! Hosting the holidays can be stressful whenever family comes in from across the nation to spend quality time with eachother. Start planning before everybody starts arriving from the airport by ording a deep holiday home cleaning in Kansas City from the cleaning professionals at A Green Way.

How is a deep holiday home cleaning in Kansas City different?

Open House Cleaning in Kansas CityA deep holiday home cleaning in Kansas City is vital to impressing your extended family. A deep clean is different from a standard clean because a deep clean as the power to eliminate dirt and dust from your home for longer! A deep clean from A Green Way is done with an 11-point check system that is checked by the Team Lead. To start your cleaning, the team will start with the ceiling and work their way down to the floor. For the windows in the room, each blind will be individually dusted and polished. The crown molding will be spotless, and each picutre frame will look brand new.

What equipment does the Green Way team use during a deep holiday home cleaning in Kansas City?

To make your home sparkle brighter than the holiday decorations, the Green Way team uses eco-friendly cleaning agents, elbow grease and a HEPA mico filter machines to banish dust bunnies from growing. In addition to using modern equipment, the Green Way team does not believe in using brooms or mops. Mops and brooms only push the dirt around. Since they fail at completely eliminating the dirt and dust, we do not use them. We want to ensure the quality of your clean, and we cannot ensure it if we are using equipment that does not get rid of the problem.