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A detailed home cleaning in Leawood can make your home much, much brighter!

Well, the bitter cold girl-1039729_640has finally reached the Leawood area of Kansas City this year; we awoke this morning to chilling 5 degrees. All we want to do is stay in bed or curl up with a book, but we love our customers, so we’ll brave the cold for them! Call A Green Way Home Cleaning for a detailed home cleaning in Leawood or anywhere in the Greater Kansas City area!

Make your home a sanctuary this winter with a detailed home cleaning in Leawood.

Have you ever noticed that dust, grime, and filth seem to be a little more apparent in your home in the wintertime? It’s probably just because we spend more time indoors and have more of a chance to see those things. There’s also snow, salt, and mud that gets tracked in. Kids bring home colds and flues, and their indoor activities require a little more clean-up, which means less time gets devoted to deep cleaning. All of this can lead to cleaning “build-up” and a general feeling of ickiness.

What does a detailed home cleaning in Leawood include?

Customers of A Green Way Home Cleaning will tell you that our services differ from those of a typical maid service. That’s because our staff specializes in deep, detailed, home cleaning. We start at the very top, carefully dusting crown molding, ceiling fans, vents, and other lighting fixtures. Then the tops of doors and windows are cleaned, along with frames, shelving, objects, and furniture. Baseboards and floors are cleaned by hand, and it all is done with 100% non-toxic products and practices.

There’s nothing like a detailed home cleaning to brighten your mood at any time of year, but it’s especially liberating during those cold winter months! If you’d like to schedule a detailed home cleaning in Leawood, contact the friendly professionals at A Green Way Home Cleaning