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A Green Way Home wants to give you the best Valentine Special in Kansas City…A free hour of deep home cleaning!

Are you looking for the best Valentine special in Kansas City? Let us give you a little hint…The best Valentine special in Kansas City isn’t a discount at a fancy restaurant or a free dozen roses. It isn’t an extra box of chocolates or a stuffed teddy bear. The best Valentine Special in Kansas City is a FREE HOUR of deep home cleaning from A Green Way Home!

best valentine special in kansas cityThis Valentine’s Day, give your loved one a truly thoughtful gift that makes a difference in the life of your spouse and your entire family! A Green Way Home is offering one of the best Valentine specials in Kansas City…purchase 3 hours of deep home cleaning services and get the 4th hour FREE!

A Green Way Home Cleaning specializes in deep home cleaning. If you’re used to a typical maid service, you’ll probably be surprised by the results of a professional deep home cleaning. With a deep home cleaning by A Green Way Home, each and every surface (including individual window blinds, the tops of doors and cabinets, crown molding and baseboards) are meticulously cleaned by hand. A Green Way Home uses 100% non-toxic products, so you can rest easy knowing your family and pets won’t be breathing toxic chemicals.

How to I claim the best Valentine special in Kansas City?

To get the best Valentine special in Kansas City, you must book your 3-hour home cleaning by December 14th! Just call A Green Way Home or complete this simple contact form. Whatever way you choose to contact A Green Way Home, make sure you do it FAST, because all of Kansas City will be wanting to get in on this amazing offer. Be sure to mention the offer code “Sweep Me Away” to get your fourth hour of deep cleaning FREE!