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mother-84628_640For the best Mother’s Day gift in Kansas City, give a gift that continues on!  At A Green Way Home Cleaning, we offer recurring deep home cleanings so Mom’s house will be fresh and clean all year long! A Green Way Home specializes in deep home cleaning. Unlike typical maid services that provide only basic surface and floor cleaning, A Green Way Home Cleaning provides a thorough deep clean of your entire home. Our meticulous staff will clean the entire home from top to bottom- by hand. That includes crown molding, ceiling fans, lighting fixtures, tops of doors and windows, individual window blinds, appliances, kitchen and bathroom fixtures, baseboards and floors. We clean linoleum, tile and hardwood floors by hand to avoid the residue sometimes left by mops and brooms.

Even just one deep home cleaning session would be an incredible Mother’s Day gift. But a recurring deep home cleaning every month or every-other month might just be the best Mother’s Day gift in Kansas City!  The benefit of recurring deep home cleanings is that Mom will be able to easily maintain her clean home with minimal effort between cleanings. Not sure when to schedule the cleanings? A Green Way Home offers gift certificates so Mom can give us a call whenever is convenient for her. She can choose a specific day of the week and morning or afternoon for her sessions. Our clients tell us that it’s a great feeling knowing that their next Green Way cleaning is just around the corner!

If you’re looking for the best Mother’s Day gift in Kansas City, contact A Green Way Home Cleaning about our recurring deep cleaning services. We look forward to hearing from you soon!