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Let A Green Way Home Cleaning help you battle the flu epidemic in Kansas City with a thorough home cleaning…give those germs the boot!

allergy-18656_640With the flu epidemic in Kansas City still going strong, it’s important to give your family the best chance at staying healthy. The CDC recommends that everyone gets a flu shot, and there’s still time to do so. But since this year’s flu shot isn’t as effective as health professionals had hoped, it’s essential that we all do our best to avoid the highly contagious germs that cause the flu virus. While we can’t protect our families at school or work, we can do our best to make sure our homes are clean!

A Green Way Home Cleaning uses non-toxic chemicals that thoroughly disinfect…the healthy way!

Besides a flu shot, a thorough home cleaning may be the best way to avoid the flu epidemic in Kansas City. It’s been so cold that we’ve all been spending a lot of time indoors…be sure that your home is a safe heaven of health! While may commercial home cleaning products tout antibacterial properties that tackle germs like the flu, the chemicals used in these products can actually cause more harm than good. These products can irritate the eyes or throat, or cause headaches. That’s why A Green Way Home Cleaning uses 100% non-toxic products and practices that are just as, if not MORE, effective at ridding your home of germs than commercial antibacterial cleansers. And they won’t damage the environment or put your health at risk.

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There’s no time like the present, so contact A Green Way Home Cleaning today to get started! Your home will be fresh, clean, and flu-free before you know it.