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Start the season out fresh with apartment spring cleaning in Kansas City from A Green Way Home Cleaning. We specialize in deep cleaning services to ensure a completely clean home.

dining-room-1006525_640It was a long, cold winter this year in Kansas City. Fortunately, it’s finally time for spring! Make the most of the season by making sure your apartment is deeply cleaned, and ready for a spring get-together at a moment’s notice!

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While there are plenty of spring cleaning checklists available on the internet, just looking at the long, detailed list of tasks can make you want to take a nap! Instead of spending these sunny spring days cleaning, contact the deep cleaning professionals at A Green Way Home Cleaning to schedule your apartment spring cleaning in Kansas City. Our meticulous team specializes in deep home cleaning, which ensures a totally clean apartment from top to bottom.

Our deep cleaning professionals will begin at the ceilings, carefully cleaning lighting fixtures, fans, vents, crown molding, ceilings or ceiling tiles, and the tops of windows and doors. From there, our team will move on to shelving, picture frames, and walls, including exposed brick. Next to be cleaned are windows and window blinds: each blind is cleaned carefully by hand. Finally, furniture, accent tables, and floors are cleaned. Each of the surfaces mentioned in this list are cleaned by hand, to ensure the most satisfactory deep clean.

As you may have picked up from the company name, A Green Way Home Cleaning is devoted to using eco-friendly practices, and only uses 100% non-toxic products for apartment spring cleaning in Kansas City and all of their other home cleaning services.

We look forward to meeting you and providing you with a perfectly cleaned apartment this spring! Contact us today to get started.