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Planning a big summer party at your home? Plan ahead and schedule an after party maid service in Kansas City. A Green Way Home specializes in pre- and post-event cleaning and deep home cleaning.

genghis-khan-952851_640Summer is the best time for home entertaining. We all love backyard BBQs, Mother’s and Father’s day gatherings, birthday parties, graduation parties, and any excuse to get everyone together. There’s a lot that needs to happen before inviting everyone to your home: planning a menu, sending invitations if necessary, cleaning up ahead of time, and cooking. But one thing that homeowners often forget to plan for is the after party clean up. Once your guests leave, the host is often left with stacks of dishes, a mountain of bottles and cans, and tons of trash. If the host had an outdoor gathering, there is often mud, dirt, or grass tracked into the house as well. The fun of the party is over and now sets in the after party gloom.

Save yourself the hassle and hire A Green Way Home Cleaning as your after party maid service in Kansas City. If you’ve heard of A Green Way Home Cleaning, you probably know that we are not your typical maid service. A Green Way Home Cleaning specializes in deep home cleaning services. This means that our professional staff will clean each and every surface of your home…by hand. A Green Way Home Cleaning pays attention to small details that another after party maid service in Kansas City might neglect. For example, the meticulous staff of A Green Way Home Cleaning will clean the tops of windows and doors, each edge of your crown molding, chair rails and baseboards, and each and every window blind, front and back.

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