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What is A Green Way Home Cleaning?

Founded in 2005, we are a Kansas City-based deep cleaning service company.

Our mission is to serve our customers by providing meticulous deep cleaning techniques and the best customer service in the world.

A Green Way Home Cleaning is very different from a “typical maid service”:  We are a Deep Cleaning company.   Our service provides an 11-point cleaning system in every desired area of the home.  A detailed quality control inspection is performed by the Crew Leader, ensuring every piece of the home has been thoroughly deep cleaned.  This system and technique allows us to provide our customers with a home cleaning  unlike anything they have experienced.    A Green Way Home Cleaning customers can easily maintain a cleaner home and require less frequent cleaning visits.  In fact, most of our customer’s only require our services just ONCE A MONTH!

 Our staff will work diligently to clean every surface of your home by hand, using all non-toxic and eco-friendly cleaning products.  

Here is an example of what our customers expect with each cleaning:

  • Hardwood and tile floors cleaned by hand with every cleaning (no mops or brooms)
  • Baseboards, crown molding, doors and trim of home cleaned by hand with every cleaning
  • Blinds and windows cleaned – each blind individually cleaned on both sides – including window sills, locks and trim
  • Mattresses and upholstered furniture vacuumed using state of the art,  organically treated HEPA micro filter machines
  • Kitchen cabinets, pulls and backsplash thoroughly cleaned 
  • Shower doors, grout and tile scrubbed
  • Light fixtures dusted by hand
  • Every item lifted and dusted by hand